Instutional | Karaca Otel




 Kâya family entered the sector in 1961, the years when Turkish tourism was newly developed. It is the first establishment of 2-star Kaya touristic hotel group with 36 rooms that was not in the group at present and served in 1963 and it has been a model for İzmir hospitality for many years.


In 1973, the 4 star 72 rooms Karaca hotel and Karaca Cinema participated in the group.The group of Kâya companies started construction of Kâya Prestige Hotel in 1989. The 4-star 142-room Kâya Prestige Hotel is the first business hotel in Izmir.


Since 1994, Kâya Prestige Catering has been serving the catering service to the whole Aegean Region from 10 people to 2500 people with its professional managers, distinguished personnel, fully equipped equipments. In January 2009, he was awarded the international food, beverage and catering gold prize by the Trade Leaders Club in central Madrid, Spain. In addition, in 2010, 2nd International Cup Competition in the category of Modern Turkish Cuisine in the flavor category was awarded the second cup.In 2011, Arıkaya Dry Cleaning was opened  and branches were opened in alsancak and bostanlı.