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Protection Of Personal Data

Dear Guests,

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We have prepared this Clarification Text to inform you about the processing of your personal data and your legal rights in accordance with Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 ("KVKK"). We ask you to read it carefully.

Karaca Hotel is an investment of Kaya Turizm İşletmelerı˙ and Tı˙caret Anonı˙m Şı˙rketı˙ (Mersis No: 0535004492000013) ("Kaya Turizm"). In accordance with the KVKK, we have a data controller obligation towards all our customers. It is very important for us to ensure that your personal data that we are responsible for is processed in accordance with the legislation, to protect this information and to protect the privacy. Kaya Turizm, processes your personal data in a limited and proportional manner, keeps it technically and administratively, as required, within the framework of the laws, legal requirements and the legitimate interests of Kaya Turizm, only in connection with the purpose of processing, as specified in Article 4 of the KVKK, It provides up-to-date and shares it with authorized institutions. At Kaya Turizm, your personal data such as identity, communication, legal transaction, physical space security, transaction security, customer transaction, marketing, audio-visual records and health information are processed in case of legal regulations.

Your personal data, reservation and related information entered in the Accommodation Document and Hotel Automation application in Kaya Turizm; Telephone numbers +90 (232) 489 19 40, +90 (530) 951 63 19, e-mail addresses with the extension @ and mobile phones registered with the other company can be found on the website It is processed by collecting the information transmitted to us with the reservation form in the system of Booklogic, from which we receive service with the reservation link found, and recording it with the registration information and contracts related to the organization services. In addition to the guests staying at the hotel, similar information is collected from the guests coming for the restaurant, meeting organizations and massage / spa center. In addition, personal data is recorded visually by camera systems or photo-taking devices.

That you share your information with your own will and consent,,,,,,,,,,, etc. It is also processed by collecting and recording the reservation information transmitted through 3rd parties. All our customers staying at Kaya Tourism fill and sign the Accommodation Certificate. This form includes name and surname, identity information, address, phone, e-mail, vehicle license plate and signature. The information in this form is entered in the Hotel Automation application. In addition, commercial message permission approval is received in the form. If you give your consent, we will send you campaign and advertisement messages or call you by phone for marketing purposes. During registration, identity checks are carried out in accordance with legal regulations. It is mandatory to show identification. In accordance with the Identity Reporting Law No. 1774, your credentials are recorded in the Security Identity Notification System for the purpose of performing GBT (General Information Collection) operations and only during your stay. Necessary information for notification is received by filling the fields in the chamber registration document and obtaining the identity information. Our customers can get internet access, telephone, food, beverage, mini bar, ironing, dry cleaning and massage / spa / sauna, bicycle rental services during their stay or being in Kaya Turizm. These services are recorded in the ticket forms and the Hotel Automation application. The forms include your name, surname, room number and signature. The services received can be seen in the detailed expense statement. Your credit card and account information are processed using the secure POS service offered by banks for the purpose of performing payment transactions. It is kept for the same period with the invoices.

Information in the automation system and Accommodation Documents are stored for five (5) years within the scope of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Identification and destroyed in accordance with the disposal procedure. Invoice information is shared and processed with the e-document applications of the Revenue Administration. The invoice is issued according to the Tax Procedure Law No. 213. According to the Tax Procedure Law, the said retention obligation is five (5) years following the year in which the invoice was issued or received, and ten (10) years in terms of the Turkish Commercial Code.

Therefore, documents and invoices pertaining to bill, pos and other payment records are stored for ten (10) years and destroyed. In accordance with the Law No. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Fighting Against Crimes Committed Through These Publications, your internet access provided by Kaya Turizm is recorded by matching with the room number or identity number. These records are kept for at least two years.

Within the scope of the legitimate interest of Kaya Turizm and in order to ensure your safety or to collect evidence when an incident occurs, images are recorded with a 24/7 camera system. Cameras are not hidden and positioned to protect privacy. Camera recordings are automatically deleted after eighteen (18) days. In order to protect the mutual rights of Kaya Turizm and our customers regarding services, transactions and payments, audio video recording is taken with a visible camera only at the reception. Within the scope of maintenance services; The company that carries out the maintenance services of the Hotel Automation application software, system, network and security system we use, and the company that carries out the maintenance services of the ERP application software, provides access using remote and secure access methods. We have confidentiality agreements with these companies.