Covid-19 | Karaca Otel



Dear Guests;

Due to the unpredictable Coronavirus ( Covid-19) outbreak in our country and in the world. Karaca Hotel family continues our effort to serve you better and to accompany your holiday plans together for healthy tomorrows. Our top priority, as always, is to ensure the safety and health of our guests and employees. We would like to share with you the additional measures and rules we have taken regarding Coronavirus ( Covid-19 )



                                        COVID-19 MEASURES AND RULES APPLIED IN OUR HOTEL


  • The World Health  (WHO), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health agencies are paying close attention to the most recent develepments on COVID-19, since the beginning of the process. With the directions of Ministary of Health, we apply all these procedures with great care and precesion.
  • High risk contact surfaces ( table surfaces, lighting buttons, controls, door handles, handrails etc.) in all guest rooms and common areas will be disinfected by DIVERSEY CONSULTING COMPANY disenfectant during your stay.
  • All our employees have been given training and been informed about necessary topics on Coronavirus ( Covid-19 government issue certificate, Diversey hygiene training & Ministry of Health hygiene certificate)
  • Daily body tempuratures of our staff are mesaured, health conditions are checked and recorded.
  • Our staff Joint Health and Safety Unit has been given occupational safety trainings and qualifications by KORUYUCU OSGB and is monitored and controlled.
  • 70% alcoholic disenfectants are offered fort he use of our guests in our lavatories,  receptions, restaurant entrances on every floor of our hotel and in the common areas.
  • The number of disinfectants and the use of anti-bacterial hand sanitizers have been increased on the surfaces of common areas.
  • Disinfectans and protective mask are kept fort he usage of our guests at the entrance of the hotel.
  • There are 70% alcoholic disinfectant wipes in all our rooms and restaurant for our guests.
  • Our guests body temperature is measured and recorded with a non-contact fire meter at the entrance of the hotel.
  • We ask all our guests to fill out a mini-survey about which countries and cities they have been in the last 14 days “on a clear basis” during our hotel entrance procedures.
  • WE ARE KEEPING OUR SOCIAL DISTANCE. We make sure that our employees keep their distance from themselves and our guests.
  • In this process, breakfast service provided within the concept in our hotel is in the form of Set Menu and served by the service personnel. All hot and cold drinks to be requested are served by our service employees.
  • The table in our restaurant are designed according to the rules of social distance and social distance signs are available whereever necessary.
  • Our room cleaning staff change their gloves  after they clean each room cleaning and work with a mask.
  • Our textile products such as sheets and towels are washed in washing machine with disinfected detergent at 60-90 degrees.
  • All the common use areas are disinfected by special ULV disinfectant products by DIVERSEY CONSULT─░NG.


                                         YOUR HEALTH IS IMPORTANT TO US!